Croatia one of top 5 members with prevailing positive view of EU

Croatia is among the first five EU member-states whose citizens have the most positive attitude towards the European Union, and Croatians are mostly worried by unemployment, while the two biggest concerns for residents across the EU are both immigration and unemployment, according to findings of a Eurobarometer survey.

The survey conducted between 7 and 17 November 2015, shows that the positive attitude towards the EU prevailed in 11 member-states, while the previous survey conducted in the spring showed the prevailing positive attitude in 15 member-states.

Broken down by the country, the most positive image of the EU was in Romania (57%), Poland, 55%, Ireland 54% , Lithuania 53% and Croatia, 51%.

A neutral attitude prevailed in fifteen member-states, according to the November survey, which was five more than in the survey conducted in the spring.

The EU was mainly negatively perceived in Cyprus, with only 22% of Cypriots having a positive attitude an, in Austria where 23% of respondents showed a positive attitude.

As for immigration, as many as 58% of those polled across the EU found this issue most important, 20% more than in the spring opinion poll.

Terrorism is the second biggest worry, and 25% of the respondents found this issue the most worrisome, up by 8% from the previous study.

The economic state of affairs is the third biggest worry according to the latest survey.

In Croatia alone, 61% of the respondents are mostly worried by unemployment, and 31% by the overall economic situation, while 26% find the public debt the most worrisome, and 19% cite inflation and rising living costs, whereas 11% of Craotian respondents find immigration the biggest concern.

Across the EU, 40 % of respondents describe the economic situation in their respective countries as good, and 57% as poor. 

Last update: Sun, 24/01/2016 - 14:29

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