Consumption per capita varies greatly across EU

During 2014, consumption per capita across the 28 European Union member states varied to a great extent, according to figures released by the EU statistical office (Eurostat)  which show that Luxembourg was the top performer in Actual Individual Consumption (AIC), while Croatia was well below the EU average.

Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) is a measure of material welfare of households, and in 2014, AIC per capita expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) varied from 50% below the European Union (EU) average in recorded in Bulgaria to 41% above the average in Luxembourg.

"Ten Member States recorded AIC per capita above the EU average in 2014. The highest level in the EU was recorded in Luxembourg, 41% above the EU average. Germany and Austria were more than 20% above. They were followed by Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, France and Sweden which all recorded levels between 10% and 15% above the EU average," according to Eurostat.

"AIC per capita for twelve Member States lay between the EU average and 30% below. In Italy and Ireland, the levels were less than 10% below the EU average, while Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania were between 10% and 20% below. Malta, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland were between 20% and 30% below the average."

"Six Member States recorded AIC per capita more than 30% below the EU average. Estonia, Latvia, Hungary and Croatia were between 30% and 40% below, while Romania had AIC per capita 43% below the EU average and Bulgaria was around 50% below."

Last update: Fri, 11/12/2015 - 22:01

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