Berlin court fines German model 20,000 euros for lying about rape

A court in Berlin has fined German model and TV personality Gina-Lisa Lohfink 20,000 euros (22,600 dollars) for giving false testimony after she claimed she was raped by two men in a sex tape.

Lohfink, who found fame on the show "Germany's Next Top Model," insisted that the footage from 2012 does not show consensual sex.

But the court ruled that she had lied about the incident.

The two men involved, a footballer identified as Pardis F and former party promoter Sebastian Pinto, had already been cleared of rape charges.

Lohfink gave a tearful last statement in court, repeating her claims that the video showed a perverse and unwanted act. She said that she had not given consent to sex, nor had she allowed the sex to be filmed.

The prosecution argued that the 29-year-old had defamed the men with false accusations.

"Ms Lohfink is not the victim of a sexual assault. She lied and deliberately misled investigators," state prosecutor Corinna Goegge said.

Goegge conceded that Lohfink had been the victim of another crime: The video was posted online against her will. Both men are to be penalized for distributing the footage, although one is planning to appeal that decision.

Lohfink repeatedly said that she had verbally refused the mens' advances in the sex tape. However, Monday's ruling found that her refusals - "no, no, no" and "stop it" - were aimed at the filming of the incident, rather than the act itself.

A medical expert who gave testimony in court also found no evidence that the men had drugged her, as claimed by Lohfink.

Women's rights activists have rallied behind Lohfink, while critics claim the TV personality's claims were part of a publicity stunt.

The high-profile case ignited a debate on sexual consent in Germany.

In July, the German parliament voted unanimously to pass stringent "no means no" rape legislation.

Last update: Mon, 22/08/2016 - 16:07

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