Austria confirms in talks with Germany, Slovenia on stricter control of migrant tide

Austria on Thursday confirmed that it was negotiating with Germany and Slovenia ways to reduce the migrant influx into those countries, the Slovenian news agency STA said, adding that there was a plan for the three countries to jointly control the migrant inflow on the border between Slovenia and Croatia.

More concrete talks on cooperation between the German, Austrian and Slovenian police forces in strengthening control of the migrant tide were held by the three countries' police officials at Sentilj, Slovenia, on Wednesday but a political decision by the three governments has still not been made, Karl-Heinz Grundboeck of the Austrian Interior Ministry's public relations service said. He added that he therefore could not speak about any details or about how many police officers would be protecting Slovenia's Schengen border.

The Austrian police expect that the new measures to reduce the influx of migrants could be introduced by the end of this month, but they denied reports that they would step up security measures on the border with Slovenia to prevent migrants from crossing the border illegally, STA said.

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar spoke in Berlin on Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about ways to curb the migrant tide, announcing that he would present his proposals to all EU leaders on Friday, Slovenian Television said. The national broadcaster described as problematic Merkel's claims that Germany would continue taking in migrants even though in recent weeks that country tightened criteria for their entry and turned down several thousand migrants.

Quoting unofficial sources close to Cerar's government, the Slovenian media reported on Thursday that Slovenia had a plan B to stop the migrant wave in case no joint solution was agreed at the EU level, namely that it would put up a barbed wire fence along all 670 kilometres of its land border with Croatia.

Last update: Fri, 15/01/2016 - 11:21

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