Anti-government Poles rally in effort to "defend democracy"

The protests have become a regular affair across the country as more liberal members of Polish society rally against the new government of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, which they argue is trying to push through laws that will let it run roughshod over democratic values.

"We aren't revolutionaries," said Mateusz Kijowski, head of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, which has organized the protests in recent weeks. "Revolutionaries want to destroy things. We want to protect democracy and freedom in Poland."

Supporters of the government responded with their own counter-demonstrations and posted images on social media depicting the protesters as marionettes of EU officials. The EU earlier this month launched an investigation into whether Polish constitutional court reforms breach fundamental EU values.

Both the court and judiciary reforms give the government wider powers to install supporters on the nation's top court and its media regulator.

Last update: Sat, 23/01/2016 - 17:25

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