323 reindeer killed by lightning left to decay on Norwegian mountain

The remains of 323 reindeer killed in a lightning storm on a mountain plateau in southern Norway will be left to decay at the site, authorities said Tuesday.

"We have no plans to remove the carcasses," Erik Lund of the Norwegian Environment Agency told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The area is not close to any tourist routes and there is little risk of runoff affecting major water sources, he added.

Game wardens found the reindeer after a thunderstorm hit the Hardangervidda mountain plateau on Friday.

Knut Nylend, spokesman for the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate, attributed the "unusually high" death toll to the lightning strike and the fact that reindeer often stand close to each other.

The Hardangervidda plateau, a large portion of which forms a national park, is a popular destination for outdoor activities and is home to an estimated 10,000 wild reindeer, according to the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre.

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