Thousands of migrants passing through Croatia, Austria erecting fence at Spielfeld

A total of  378,101 migrants passed through Croatia from mid-September, when the re-routing of migrants started from the Serbian-Hungarian border to the Serbian-Croatian border, until Friday morning, while in the last 12 hours, 4,287 arrivals were recorded, according to updated statistics provided by the Croatian Interior Ministry around noon on Friday.

In the morning, the transit centre in the eastern city of Slavonski Brod was accommodating 2,153 refugees.

Slovenia's media have reported that Austria has started erecting a 3.7-kilometre wire fence along the Spielfeld-Sentilj border crossing between Austria and Slovenia. This border crossing has been the busiest since Slovenia started receiving Asian and African refugees in transit who are travelling along the Balkan route towards western and northern Europe.

Austria has justified the fence as an attempt to improve the management of the ongoing surge of refugees and migrants.

Slovenia's media also claim that Austria has jettisoned a plan to put up a fence along its entire frontier with Slovenia because it would cost around EUR 1.5 billion.

Austrian public security service chief Konrad Kogler was quoted by the APA news agency as saying that the erection of the 3.7-kilometre fence at Spielfeld was a first stage that would last two months.

Last update: Tue, 08/12/2015 - 12:34

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