Slovenia continues putting fence along border with Croatia

A total of 218,000 migrants passed through Slovenia from mid-October to 6 am on Monday and the influx continues, with two trains bringing 2,007 people from Croatia to Dobova and around 400 people entering the country via the border crossing of Petisovci at 6 am on Monday, Slovenian police said.

Slovenian authorities have continued putting a barbed wire fence on the country's border with Croatia in order to direct the refugee influx after last week they set up 20 kilometres of "technical barriers" which the government said were expected to help manage and reduce the refugee influx and prepare for a possible complete closure of Austrian and German borders to refugees.

Slovenia intends to put an 80-kilometre fence along its border with Croatia to prevent possible dispersion of migrants along its entire border, which is also the external border of the Schengen area of passport-free travel. 

Closing the entire border, which is 670 kilometres long, is unrealistic, a State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior, Bostjan Sefic, said in an interview with the Ljubljana-based Dnevnik daily this past weekend.

Sefic, who is the coordinator for the migrant crisis in the government led by Miro Cerar, said that he expected other countries on the Balkan migration route to start reducing the number of migrants they were sending north and northwest.

As for cooperation with those countries, Sefic said that he was optimistic but was not naive.

"I hope that Croatia's attitude will change after the new government is formed, regardless of who will form it," Sefic said, adding that Slovenia had suggested in mid-October that Croatia should reduce daily migrant quotas it was sending to Slovenia so that Slovenia could take them in and send further on to Austria but that that was not accepted. He said that he feared that Croatia could again start sending migrants across Slovenia's entire border instead of via agreed locations.

Last update: Tue, 08/12/2015 - 12:34

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