50,000 migrants enter Slovenia this week, PM doesn't rule out fence

Slovenian police said on Friday that more than 50,000 migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa had entered the country from Croatia this week, including 9,400 people on Thursday alone, while Prime Minister Miro Cerar warned that the influx from neighbouring Croatia was too great and was not being coordinated with Slovenia.

The Slovenian government therefore does not rule out the possibility of putting a physical barrier along the country's 670-kilometre-long border with Croatia if no single solution at the EU level is found and the pressure of refugees becomes too great.

"Slovenia hopes for an all-European solution to curb the refugee wave and that is what it wants but due to lack of cooperation from neighbouring countries and the EU itself, it could be forced to step up the current border protection regime," Cerar said on Friday in Brezice while visiting a refugee camp where several thousand refugees were staying.

"I hope Croatia will realise that its conduct is not right. We are offering them cooperation," he said.

He would not comment on Croatian Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojic's statement that Croatia had suggested that migrants, who are arriving in large numbers in Croatia, should be transported to Slovenia by train all the way to Sentilj on the Slovenian-Austrian border but that the Slovenian government was keeping silent about that.

In an interview with Slovenian Television on Thursday, Cerar accused Croatia of what he called inhumane behaviour, saying that the Croatian authorities were bringing migrants to the border with Slovenia without informing the Slovenian authorities and that in recent days migrants, including many women and children, were compelled to cross the swollen Sutla River into Slovenia.

Cerar said in Brezice on Friday that the EU had to convince Greece soon to stop the uncontrolled crossing of the EU's external and Schengen area border by migrants coming to that country from Turkey because this was causing huge problems for countries along their Balkan route.

Last update: Tue, 08/12/2015 - 12:33

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