Vinkovci promotes its Roman heritage

The fourth edition of the Roman Days is taking place in the eastern Croatian city of Vinkovci and the main events are scheduled for Friday under the motto "In hoc signo vinces" ("In this sign you will conquer").

The purpose of this festival is to promote Vinkovci as a destination rich in Roman-era historical and archaeological heritage.

Vinkovci is located on the site of Coloniae Aureliae Cibalae, a settlement founded by Romans when they began to systematically defend the Danube river border against invading barbarian tribes. In 314 AD a battle for supremacy was fought in its vicinity between the Western Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and the Eastern Roman Emperor Licinius. 

Two Roman emperors were born at Cibalae -- brothers Valentinian I (321-375) and Valens (328-378). The settlement was sacked by the Western Goths in 378, after which it never recovered.

On Friday, school-age children competed in ancient sports and also in game shows about the past of this city in the River Bosut basin.

Concerts and events promoting local cuisine were also scheduled for Friday.

Last update: Fri, 20/05/2016 - 14:48

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