Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) director Hrvoje Hribar on Friday admitted that in the case of the Danish documentary "15 Minutes Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) director Hrvoje Hribar on Friday admitted that in the case of the Danish documentary "15 Minutes - The Dvor Massacre", HAVC was deluded and hoodwinked, explaining that the final version of the documentary was different from the first scenario on the basis of which HAVC decided to co-produce the film.

"The propagandists of the defeated side pushed their way into a segment of the film... That is the corrupted moment of this film which is now being dealt with," Hribar said at a news conference which was also attended by representatives of Croatian war veterans' associations that demand that Hribar step down due to that omission.

The documentary is about a massacre which happened only a few meters from a Danish UN camp in Dvor, Croatia, when nine disabled people  were executed in cold blood by a group of unidentified men on 8 August 1995 when Serb rebel forces were leaving the area which they had held under their control since 1991. The version of the documentary, directed by Danes Georg Larsen and Kasper Vedesmand, which was already shown at some festivals blames Croatia's troops for this crime. This enraged Croatian war veterans and they demand Hribar's resignation.

During the news conference, papers with the chronology of the entire case were handed to reporters.

Hribar insists that he has "no commanding responsibilities", saying that he does not read scenarios or green-light them.

"The Kingdom of Denmark is not an enemy to the Republic of Croatia, no matter how Danish UN troops behaved 20 years ago. The cultural, public and financial Denmark is on our side," Hribar said, adding that changes to the documentary should be conducted in cooperation with the Danes rather than severing the diplomatic relations over the issue of one producer.

Nevertheless, war veterans who came to the news conference insisted on Hribar's resignation, wondering why Hribar now is trying to depict himself as a victim and not as a responsible person.

The directorate of the Croatian national broadcaster (HRT) has stated that it fully distances itself from the controversial documentary.

"It is true that the HRT sold 24 minutes of its archive materials, and a small part of that was used in the film, and an HRT employee was engaged in the work on that part, however, the HRT was not a co-producer and does not stand behind that film," the national broadcaster has said in a press release.

The HRT is conducting an internal investigation so as to establish all circumstances concerning the said documentary and find out if any damage has been done to the HRT.

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