Unemployment in Croatian regions in middle of EU range

More than 60% of European Union regions recorded a decrease of at least 0.5 percentage points in unemployment in 2015 compared with 2014, but regional unemployment rates continued to vary widely, with Croatia somewhere in the middle, according to an Eurostat report.

The lowest rates were recorded in the German regions of Freiburg and Niederbayern (both 2.5%), Oberbayern and Oberpfalz (both 2.7%), followed by Praha in the Czech Republic (2.8%). The highest unemployment rates were registered in Melilla (34.0%) and Andalucía (31.5%) in Spain, Dytiki Makedonia (30.7%) in Greece, Canarias and Extremadura (both 29.1%) in Spain.

Among the 274 EU regions for which data are available, 60 had an unemployment rate of 4.7% or less in 2015, half the average of the EU (9.4%). The report includes two Croatian regions - Adriatic and Continental Croatia.

Croatia's total unemployment rate in 2015 was 16.3%, down 1 pp from 2014. Adriatic Croatia recorded a 17% unemployment rate (17.2% in 2014), while Continental Croatia recorded 15.9% (17.3% in 2014).

In 2015, the average unemployment rate for young people aged between 15 and 24 in the EU was 20.4% (22.2% in 2014). The lowest rates were recorded in German regions, in particular Oberbayern (3.4%), Freiburg (4.7%), Mittelfranken (5.2%), Weser-Ems (5.7%) and Karlsruhe (5.8%), and the highest in Ceuta (79.2%) and Melilla (72.0%) in Spain.

Croatia's youth unemployment rate was 43% in 2015 (45.5% in 2014). In Adriatic Croatia, it was 44.7% (46.5% in 2014), while in Continental Croatia it was 42.2% (45% in 2014).

Last update: Fri, 24/06/2016 - 08:49

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