Three blocs mostly agreed on necessary reforms, talks to continue on Monday

 Teams of experts from the Bridge reformist party, the centre-right Patriotic Coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the centre-left Croatia Is Growing coalition led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) are mostly agreed on reforms that need to be carried out, Bridge's Jure Martinovic told the press after their meeting on Saturday.

The SDP's negotiator Branko Grcic made a similar assessment, while the HDZ's Zeljko Reiner warned that there were a lot of things on which they had not agreed yet.

Martinovic said that they agreed that some of the reforms would require amending the existing legislation and some even the constitution. "Everyone is agreed on that, and those reforms can be implemented only with a two-thirds majority in parliament," he said.

Martinovic said that on the agenda of the meeting were science and education, the judiciary, entrepreneurship and energy,  adding that energy would also be discussed on Monday. He noted that there were no disagreements on these issues.

Reiner would not specify on which issues agreement was not reached, saying only that there were "several stumbling blocks".

Martinovic said that there were "no stumbling blocks" in the meeting room.

Grcic said that further talks would be held on energy, public administration and health. He said that there were no disputed issues between the three parties and that specific measures, such as tax on dividends, would be discussed further. "That cannot be an obstacle to cooperation," he emphasised.

Martinovic said that this meeting was a step closer to forming a tripartite government. He added that the name of the prime minister-designate would not be known after a meeting of the leaders of the three blocs scheduled for 7pm on Saturday. "That will certainly not be known this evening. The leaders of the parties will tell you that after the meeting."

He, however, said that it would be announced this evening whether or not the two coalitions had signed the preliminary agreement for the formation of parliament and agreement, which had been offered to them on Friday evening. Under the proposal, the government would be headed by a neutral person chosen by consensus or a member of Bridge.

"We believe that this situation must be resolved by Tuesday and Bridge will make sure that it is so," Martinovic said.

Martinovic noted that at their meeting this evening the political leaders would not be discussing ministries but that this topic would be discussed once an agreement on tripartite government was reached.

The HDZ's Ivana Maletic said that the country needed completely new development models, adding that the parties were agreed to a certain extent on what needed to be done in the future.

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Bridge, HDZ, SDP happy with talks


Friday, December 18, 2015 - 19:59

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