Slovenia hasn't returned any migrants to Croatia

The Croatian Interior Ministry (MUP) has not voiced its official reaction to claims by the civil initiative which calls itself "Welcome" that Croatian authorities had conducted systematic violence and Croatian police used physical force against refugees. The ministry, however added that contrary to announcements, refugees had not been returned from Slovenia.

"Slovenia had not returned migrants to Croatia and there are 41 migrants currently staying at the refugee reception centre in Zagreb. Migrants can stay there until conditions are created for them to either continue their journey to a desired European country or return to their country of origin. The safety of Croatia and its citizens is in the least at risk;" the ministry said on its website.

The ministry added that police chiefs of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia met in Macedonia on Wednesday to discuss the current migrant crisis. The Police chiefs decided to invest joint efforts so as to resolve the migrant crisis, the Croatian Ministry of the Interior said in the statement.

Last update: Thu, 04/02/2016 - 15:46

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