Seks says Karamarko should step down

One of the founders of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Vladimir Seks, said on Monday he has lost every illusion as to the success of a parliamentary majority reshuffle, which has been announced by HDZ president Tomislava Karamarko, adding that "it would be in the best national interest if Karamarko stepped down" as First Deputy Prime Minister.

"Before Saturday and the HDZ Presidency session, I advocated the position that Karamarko must not step down because that would be an admission of guilt, of the unreliability of his policy and moral responsibility. But at the Presidency session, several members, including his deputy, insisted that he resign. Added to that is the fact that 77 members of parliament have stated under their first and last names that they will give Karamarko a no-confidence vote, foreign media are saying that the government has in fact fallen, and all public opinion surveys say that Karamarko is by far the most unpopular politician in the country," Seks told Hina.

He does not believe that Karamarko will get a majority support in parliament to form a new government. He said the prolongation of the crisis could be avoided if Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic resigned, but that at the moment it was unlikely to expect that.

Seks said the HDZ had still not formalised its motion for a no-confidence vote in Oreskovic in parliament. "If that motion was put in parliamentary procedure today or tomorrow, the government can wait eight days to take a position on it, thus delaying a discussion in parliament until the end of next week."

If the HDZ initiates Oreskovic's impeachment, it is necessary to calculate whether HDZ has enough votes for that, since the opposition SDP has been hinting that its MPs could abstain, Seks said, adding that if the HDZ tried to impeach Oreskovic in parliament and failed, it could not initiate it again for the next six months.

He recalled that after such a possible vote on Oreskovic's impeachment, parliament must vote on the opposition's motion for Karamarko's impeachment over conflict of interest allegations.

Last update: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 15:40

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