Seks says HDZ should withdraw motion for PM's impeachment

One of the founders of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Vladimir Seks, said on Friday the party should pull from parliamentary procedure its motion for the impeachment of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and continue to rule with the Bridge party, and that he was sure that a parliamentary majority which the HDZ might form without Bridge could "function limping until he first turn."

"This crisis can result in two ways, the first being that Croatian democracy will suffer heavy blows and plunge, the other being that the crisis will result in the patient's recovery. First one has to reach the real, deep bottom of the crisis, when institutions stop functioning," Seks told reporters.

He said such a bottom would be reached if the PM was impeached and if no parliamentary majority could be found. "Then an election will be called, which the HDZ and Bridge rightly wish to avoid because they can't expect to achieve good results. The SDP (Social Democratic Party) is wisely keeping quiet in the wings and watching the developments. Its stock is rising. The HDZ keeps giving assurances that there will be a reshuffle."

Asked if he believed there would be a reshuffle, Seks said he was a rational man. "We'll see if it will happen or if it's a big bluff and then one will say, 'Others let us down'. One can bluff motivated by wishing to the very end to rescue the First Deputy Prime Minister and HDZ president (Tomislav Karamarko), to avoid the 18th (June)... when he could get a vote of no confidence, which would be a big political blow to him and the HDZ. I pushed for Karamarko's resignation. Eventually he agreed to that with additional conditions, that the prime minister and (Deputy PM Bozo) Petrov resign too," Seks said, adding that he could not foresee how all this would end.

Asked if a functioning new majority without Bridge could be found, he said everything was possible in politics. "It's another matter how that would work. It can function limping until the first turn."

Seks said that if he were still an MP, he would not sign the SDP's initiative to dissolve parliament because the HDZ would not do well in an early election. "I'm a member of the HDZ and believe that it should play a role in the political life of Croatia, albeit with certain personnel changes, and that in a re-election the HDZ would suffer and wouldn't be the party which can form the government."

He said that if a majority reshuffle failed and an early election was called, it would be politically logical that Karamarko no longer led the party.

Last update: Fri, 10/06/2016 - 14:55

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