SDSS officials: Let Raskovic say who is pressuring him and whom he met

The vice president of the the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), Milorad Pupovac, said on Friday that SDSS MP Mirko Raskovic should say who was pressuring him regarding the support to the prime minister designate and whom he met a day before the consultations in the President's Office as well as what the talks were about.

Pupovac told Croatian Television that nobody in the SDSS had exerted pressure on Raskovic, as Raskovic had told the president and asked for her protection. At all party meetings, Mirko Raskovic agreed that the SDSS would support the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led coalition Croatia Is Growing. Pupovac said.

"Raskovic should say whom he met in one of Zagreb's hotels a day before Wednesday's consultations when he was supposed to be in the SDSS, and what the talks were about. We know which political option the person Raskovic met belongs to and we know who Raskovic had talked to before that. He needs to say whether he is a free man and whether he can make his own decisions, if he needed our help or whether he saught help from the other side. But he must say who he sought help from," Pupovac said.

Raskovic told reporters in the president's office on Thursday that a number of people from his political party were pressuring him regarding his support for a prime minister-designate, which he still had not decided on, and that due to those pressures he had decided to ask President Grabar-Kitarovic to protect him politically. "Many people are pressuring me to assume responsibility against my conscience, against my party's decision, and against the will of my voters," Raskovic said then.

Asked if he knew what kind of pressure was exerted on Raskovic and whether this was about the allegations that Raskovic was receiving military pension but was not listed in the Veterans Register, Pupovac said the SDSS had heard many unverified information over the years but did not pay much attention to it, as Raskovic had been a prominent party member, adding however that several days ago, about the same time when Raskovic became anxious and insecure, the information was confirmed as true "by a relevant entity".

Asked if that meant that Raskovic was 'a fake veteran', Pupovac said he did not say this, but that it was up to relevant institutions to determine that.

Last update: Sat, 28/11/2015 - 13:17

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