SDP chief says his party will support PM's impeachment

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) will vote in favour of the government impeachment in parliament on Thursday, should such a proposal be indeed listed in the agenda, but you never know, SDP chief Zoran Milanovic told reporters outside the SDP headquarters on Wednesday.

A vote of no-confidence in the incumbent prime minister  Tihomir Oreskovic has been announced and for us this means a vote of no-confidence in the entire government, because it is dangerous and bad (government) and we will vote in favour of its impeachment, Milanovic said.

Commenting on the Conflict of Interest Commission's decision in the case of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, Milanovic said the decision was irrelevant, saying that the issue was a lot bigger than conflict of interest.

Milanovic said he expected early election as soon as possible. Although election in the middle of summer is a bit complicated, this is very important for Croatian people and in the end the President needs to make a decision about it and she see that this be done in a reasonable time frame, Milanovic said.

Asked why the SDP waited until today to see if they would vote in favour of the prime minister's impeachment, Milanovic said they had to think the decision through and they wanted to first see the reaction of those who changed their minds three times a day.

Asked to comment on the announcement that the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko decided to resign, Milanovic said this was not yet certain, that Karamarko should have done this earlier and that now this was irrelevant. Our objective is election. The SDP Presidency discussed it and we reached a unanimous decision, Milanovic said.

Asked if he would call on Bridge MPs to sign the motion to dissolve parliament, Milanovic said Bridge MPs were making decisions following their own conscience. He said this initiative was pushed by the Labour Party parliamentary group and that all those supporting it were doing that on its own accord.

Last update: Tue, 28/06/2016 - 17:51

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