Sabor refuses to adopt report by Children's Ombudswoman

The Croatian parliament on Friday refused to adopt a report on the work of Children's Ombudswoman Ivana Milas Klaric in 2015, and the non-adoption of reports is one of the reasons that can lead to the replacement of the Ombudswoman before the expiry of her term.

The proposal by the Committee for Family, Youth and Sport, which is chaired by Ivan Vrdoljak of the opposition HNS party, that the report be adopted was supported by only 56 MPs while 64 voted against.

"I actually expect to be replaced considering the relatively clear legal regulation," Milas Klaric told reporters after the vote.

She added that the government was now expected to send the parliament a proposal to that effect and that its failure to do so would cause a deadlock.

"In any case, this decision constitutes political influence on the autonomy of the Children's Ombudswoman," she concluded.

The same situation occurred when a vote was taken on a report on the work of the Croatian Homeland War Veterans' Fund in 2014. The Committee on War Veterans proposed that the parliament adopt the report, but the proposal was supported by 61 deputies while 63 voted against.

The parliament adopted a report on the work of four compulsory pension funds that are managed by SZ, Erste, PBZ, Croatia Osiguranje and Raiffeisen Drustvo.

The parliamentary majority today managed to secure a quorum, with 78 MPs in attendance. Opposition deputies tested the majority by not registering themselves when the quorum was being established but during the vote, it became evident that more than 120 deputies were in the parliament hall.

"I am glad the quorum has increased in a dramatic and unusual way," Speaker Zeljko Reiner remarked.

The conclusion on support to the integral curricular reform will be put on the parliament's agenda in line with the Standing Orders, as will all the other items, Reiner told Goran Beus Richembergh of the HNS who wanted to know about the situation with that item.

Nansi Tireli of the Labour Party was given the same answer when she inquired about her party's proposal for the parliament's dissolution.

My answer is the same - it will be dealt with urgently because such items must be put on the agenda within the deadline of 15 days, said Reiner.

He again called on parliamentary committees to do their job and take their positions on bills on Monday and Tuesday. Some of the committees did not have a quorum this week, convene them and make sure they have a quorum, he told the committees' chairs.

Last update: Fri, 10/06/2016 - 19:42

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