Reform measures agreed with coalition partners, says minister

Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Tomislav Tolusic underscored on Monday that the reforms measure the government is presenting this week have been agreed with the coalition partners, while Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, the leader of a junior coalition partner, said that all stakeholders in the coalition were informed of the projects and programmes.

Minister Tolusic and Mayor Bandic spoke with reporters in Zagreb's main square where, together with Tourism Minister Anton Kliman, they jointly promoted the "Products of the Croatian Islands."

Asked whether reform measures the government is going to present this week had been agreed with coalition partners, Tolusic answered affirmatively.

The reform measures were prepared at the level of all 20 ministries, Tolusic underscored.

In response to claims by junior partners, the Croatian Peasants' Party (HSS) and Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS), that they haven't seem the reform measures, Tolusic explained, "I am referring to that part that concerns the government and its functioning and I believe that the other coalition partners will support that."

Bandic added "everyone participating in the coalition - the Patriotic Coalition, Bridge, the Labour and Solidarity Party - have been acquainted with the projects and programmes and I am glad that we are finally staring to work."

He reiterated that his Labour and Solidarity Party was always a solution and that it always will be for "real reform steps for the well-being of the City of Zagreb and Croatia."

Asked what partners he was counting on and with whom had he spoken to when he twice mentioned a "government reshuffle," Bandic told reporters to be patient because, he said, "if things are done as they should be, then there is no reshuffle."

"I said that real steps need to be made within six months. I believe that this government will do that," he added.

Reporters reminded Bandic that he said he was going to double the number of MPs in his parliamentary group, currently four, to which he responded that whatever he announced he would realise.

Asked whether he had spoken to anyone in the Bridge party, Bandic said that he speaks with everyone.

Last update: Mon, 25/04/2016 - 18:28

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