Pusic: Croatia moving from decline to growth

Croatian People's Party (HNS) president Vesna Pusic said in Pula on Thursday that the latest trends in Croatia were positive and that economic decline had turned to growth and that moving up from 87th place to 40th place in terms of investment climate was proof that things had improved in many aspects but that one should not stop at that.

"There is absolutely no dilemma that things have improved but we mustn't stop here. We still have a lot of room for progress and need to conduct a good campaign and then continue with the job. We mustn't allow successes to turn into failure and to start falling to poor results," Pusic said.

Commenting on a statement by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini that the EU was in danger of falling apart if it failed to find a common and appropriate response to the migrant crisis, Pusic said that she did not believe this to be so. She added, however, that the refugee crisis had gravely affected the EU and had shown "a sort of watershed for which we have been claiming for years that it doesn't exist, a watershed between between east and west Europe or between old and new Europe."

"Eastern Europe has turned out to be a lot more afraid of the refugee pressure, particularly of people of another faith, than western Europe, which too has not been at the level that Chancellor Merkel at one moment defined as the standard. That kind of fear can be felt in western Europe as well, however, democratic standards there have deeper roots," Pusic underscored.  

She added that Croatia, if considered to be in eastern Europe, had shown to be different, "because it has shown some standards and proved that it is capable of handling, in an organised manner, something that some other, much larger and stronger states are not capable of handling."

Last update: Thu, 29/10/2015 - 19:24

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