Priest resents president over NDH comment, she forgives him

Dominican Luka Prcela said in a sermon on Sunday that he could not forgive President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic her statement that the (Nazi-style) Independent State of Croatia (NDH) had not been independent and that it had been criminal, and the sermon during Mass broadcast live by the national broadcaster (HRT) prompted Grabar-Kitarovic to write on her Facebook profile that she forgave the priest his statement and called on him to turn to the future.

"Mr. Prcela, You cannot forgive me my statement, but I forgive You Your Statement. Let us turn to the future," the Croatian president stated on her Facebook account.

During the sermon in a church in Split, Luka Prcela also said that the Croatians forgot that they had been victims. "I cannot forgive President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic her statement that the Croatian state -- the (1941-1945) Independent State of Croatia was not independent and that it was criminal. Who can tell us that the present-day Croatian state is more independent that that one from 1941 to 1945."

Asked by Hina for its response, the HRT public broadcasting company notes that "positions and opinions made in live broadcasts do not reflect positions and opinions of the HRT." "Croatian Radiotelevision condemns any form of hate speech and distance itself from such speech," the HRT said in its brief comment.

The Archdiocese of Split told Hina that they could not comment on Prcela's sermon, given that he belongs to the Dominican Order.

Some Dominican priests in the area have called Prcela "a peculiar preacher "who should cease preaching that way" and he was also advised to deliver sermons with the religious messages rather than with political ones. The same sources also recommend that it would be better for Prcela to turn to believers and the future lying ahead.

Priest Prcela came into the public limelight in Split when in early 1990s he started saying requiem masses for the Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic who was at the helm of the Independent State of Croatia.

Last update: Sun, 08/05/2016 - 18:44

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