Prgomet: We won't run from our responsibilities

The leader of the newly founded HRID Party, Drago Prgomet, who was recently ousted from the Bridge Party for taking a meeting with Zoran Milanovic without the knowledge of Bridge, on Wednesday said that his party would not run from its responsibilities, seek a new election or obstruct parliament from being convened nor would they talk with those who are "spurring ideological disputes."

"HRID's MPs in their platform did not advocate a new election and I am afraid that the attitude of some individuals in Bridge about a grand coalition could in the end lead to the election being repeated," Prgromet said.

The reason for seeking a way out of the checkmate position with a new election, Prgomet believes, is an independent decision by Bridge's leader Bozo Petrov to verify his statement with a public notary that he won't going into coalition with either the Social Democratic Party (SDP) or with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

"Bozo Petrov signed that statement at his own accord and that was his own independent decision that obliges only him and him alone. That was a pre-election move which may have led to winning some votes but has proven to be a huge political burden on Bridge's entire platform. Mr Petrov feels obliged by that statement. I didn't make that statement and that is why I can speak with the prime minister and other people from other parties because I believe that to be part of political etiquette and political dialogue. I call Mr Petrov to tell the complete truth about how the signature that he gave at a public notary's office was his independent decision that obliges only him personally and now any possible coalition with Bridge entails that second part of what he signed and that is for him to resign and withdraw from his seat in parliament," Prgomet said.

He recalled  that at the recent election, the Bridge of independent slates, which included the then HRID association, achieved an excellent result and now it was necessary to build on that result.

Unfortunately, cooperation between certain people in Bridge and HRID became difficult after the election and it is evident that our opinion on implementing reforms and how to participate in political life and democracy differ vitally, said Prgomet.

As far as I am concerned, there was only one logical consequence following the election - choosing one strategic political partner and negotiating with it until changes were agreed to and that they could be realised by participating in government and if those negotiations failed then they should have been halted and negotiations with the other side launched, Prgomet explained.

People in Bridge, he claimed, had a different approach and have asked for the impossible, that is a grand coalition which would mean that only HRID and the Human Shield political party would be in the Opposition

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