Plenkovic: Talks with Bridge to continue; personnel issues still not on agenda

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday that he expected the second round of talks with the Bridge party to focus on that party's seven terms for cooperation and other issues pertaining to the new government's platform, stressing that personnel issues would not be discussed.

"I expect talks on the seven items defined by Bridge and other issues related to the government's platform to continue," Plenkovic told reporters outside his party's offices when asked what he expected of the second round of negotiations with Bridge on post-election cooperation and government formation.

He stressed that the talks, scheduled for Monday afternoon, would not focus on personnel issues.

HDZ secretary-general Gordan Jandrokovic said that as the last time, he expected today again very open talks with the aim of defining a government platform and government make-up that would enjoy the support not only of the parliamentary majority but of the public as well.

Asked about media reports that Bridge wants to have seven ministerial posts in the new government, Jandrokovic said that there had been a lot of speculation lately but that personnel issues had not been discussed with Bridge yet.

That topic will be put on the agenda, but the first and second rounds of talks focus on the content and on what is important in terms of platforms, he said.

Bridge published its seven terms for post-election cooperation ahead of the September 11 parliamentary election.

The terms concern democratisation of the election system, proclamation of an exclusive economic zone in the Adriatic, amendment of the Distraint Act, the Croatian Radio and Television Act, the Croatian National Bank Act and legislation on local and regional self-government units, as well as the cancellation of taxes for small and medium-sized businesses.

Last update: Mon, 19/09/2016 - 14:25

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