Plenkovic says next govt. should adopt waste management plan

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said in Karlovac on Thursday that the party decided to take off the agenda of tomorrow's government session a draft waste management plan because it was necessary to conduct a 30-day public discussion first and that it was more natural if it was adopted by the next government.

Responding to questions from the press as to why the Bridge-sponsored plan was taken off the agenda, Plenkovic said the plan was incomplete and that "it's more natural if it's adopted by the next government, which will carry it out, as the plan is being adopted for the next six years, co-financed by the European Union and units of regional and local self-government."

Plenkovic said there would be no sanctions from the European Commission because the plan was not adopted.

Asked if this conflict between the HDZ and the Bridge party might be detrimental if they were to form the next government, he said this was not a conflict but a difference of opinion. He said the goal was to precisely define environmental protection goals for the next six years in order to effectively utilise waste management centres. He said "the plan will be adopted after a thorough public discussion, for the good of us all."

Environmental Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic of Bridge said he was not surprised by the HDZ's decision not to back the plan, adding that the plan was being stopped by "parties which want everything to stay the same" and that the government should have adopted it.

Last update: Thu, 18/08/2016 - 23:19

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