Petrov urges voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, on Sunday called on voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left in the September 11 early parliamentary election because members of those two camps "are neither rightists nor leftists under the skin."

"I would like citizens to vote this time for those who in the past eight months they witnessed were really willing to make changes for the better in Croatia," Petrov said in Pula while presenting candidates on his party's slates for Constituencies Nos. 7 and 8.

Petrov complained about what he described as unfair treatment of his party by the media and the media's exclusive coverage of the two biggest parties, the HDZ and the SDP.

"... If all experts say that Bridge's platform is better than the HDZ's and the SDP's and only those two parties are being invited to debates, it's clear what is going on," said Petrov, adding that "a virtual duopoly has existed in Croatia for the last 20 years and has proven unsuccessful."

"Bridge was the first to undermine that duopoly eight months ago, and naturally they are not happy about it and are trying to claim all of the media attention for themselves. I hope that citizens are aware of that."

Asked to comment on the HDZ's and the SDP's comments on the seven terms his party had set for possible post-election cooperation with those two parties, Petrov said that he had not heard any particularly explicit comments.

Asked to comment on criticisms that Bridge's terms were impossible to meet or were unconstitutional and if they were realistic, Petrov said that the party had made the effort of checking the relevant procedures, consulting with experts and taking from its previous platform those segments which both the SDP and the HDZ had described as good.

Asked about the fact that Social Democrat and former Finance Minister Boris Lalovac yesterday voiced a positive opinion about Bridge's terms, Petrov said that he would not comment on either praises or attacks from the SDP and the HDZ because "(their positions) always depend on their estimate of whether they will be needing us after the elections."

There is no need for flattering, both parties will be given the opportunity to negotiate with Bridge, said Petrov.

Last update: Sun, 04/09/2016 - 17:17

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