Petrov sends email to MPS and Bridge members

The head of the Bridge reformist party, Bozo Petrov, on Monday sent an email to MPs and members of the bridge national council voicing his opinion about the developments which took place over the past several weeks and which Bridge MP Josip Katalinic published on his Facebook profile, saying that Croatian citizens must hear Petrov's words.

In the email, Petrov said he was aware of the pressure Bridge and its members would be exposed to. He also said that never before in Croatia's history had two parties made a bigger turnaround in their programmes as the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had in the election night. Suddenly they became the loudest advocates of reforms, he said.

"Unfortunately a lot of things remained only at the level of political dialogue, just as a show for the public," Petrov said.

He also commented on former Bridge member Drago Pergomet who was ousted from the party shortly after the elections for taking a secret meeting with SDP chief Zoran Milanovic. Petrov said Pergomet had chosen his own path, adding however that Milanovic too was politically responsible for attempts to break up Bridge. Petrov, however stressed that even after that incident, Bridge had not ended negotiations with the SDP.

He also dismissed accusations which Prgomet's new party HRID leveled against Bridge's national council. HRID has recently accused the Bridge national council of being non-transparent.

He reiterated that at this moment neither the HDZ nor the SDP had the support of 10 bridge members they needed to form a government.

Last update: Tue, 01/12/2015 - 12:50

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