Petrov says hasn't forecast snap vote for fall

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party chief Bozo Petrov said on Tuesday that the government was stable at this moment, and refuted media interpretations of his earlier statement that a snap vote might happen in the autumn.

Addressing reporters while arriving at the parliament building, Petrov said today that "it is very clear that at this moment the government is stable in terms of its majority in the parliament."

He is confident that the governing majority "has shaped up" and that it can "get down to work now".

"Of course, everything could be better, and I believe that we can go on. If and when I stop believing, you will be informed," Petrov said in his address to reporters.

He said he was sure that the ruling majority would ensure the necessary quorum in the legislature on Wednesday so that lawmakers can vote on items on the agenda.

He explained that the implementation of the bulk of the reform package should start in the autumn  "and this may be the most fragile point", which some media have interpreted "that I announced early elections but I didn't."

On Monday, Petrov said that early elections were possible "if certain parties weren't ready to do their job" saying that Bridge was not a political pretty face and that a true test for the government would come this fall.

"Will there be new elections? New elections can be called only if certain parties don't want to do the job," Petrov told the press in Omis on Monday where he took part in a ceremony marking the day of this southern Croatian town.

Last update: Tue, 17/05/2016 - 16:08

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