Petrov: MOST still has 18 MPs

Two parliamentary deputies of the Bridge (MOST) party who attended a founding session of a new political party are still members of Bridge and the party still has 18 deputies in parliament, Bridge's leader Bozo Petrov said on Tuesday evening, rejecting speculations about the disintegration of this party which plays a key role in forming the new government.

Gordana Rusak and Irena Petrijevcanin Vuksanovic, who on Monday attended a founding session of a new political party, called HRID, will eventually have to decide whether they want to belong to Bridge or to HRID because it will not be possible for them to be in the two parliamentary groups at the same time, Petrov told the RTL commercial television channel.

He said that their case had nothing to do with the case of Drago Prgomet, who had been expelled from Bridge's National Council because he "worked behind their back". Prgomet founded the HRID party. Petrov added that he would like to "close the chapter on Prgomet and not to comment on his statements any more."

Petrov reiterated that Bridge was prepared to discuss the new government only with those who accepted their conditions, namely that the new government should be one of experts who should implement the necessary reforms.

Petrov accused Bridge's political opponents of attacking them through the media and trying to cause a rift in the party, adding that that was proof of their lack of readiness for reforms. He said that the citizens of Croatia had become hostage to about 20 leading people from the two largest parties and their personal animosities, expressing hope that both the SDP and the HDZ would realise that what Bridge was demanding was for the common good of Croatia. 

Although President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is beginning consultations on the prime minister-designate on Thursday, Petrov could not say if it would be clear by then whether his party would join the centre-left or centre-right coalition.

"We have made it clear that we are in favour of an expert government and reforms. We will join the party that agrees to our conditions, but that's not up to us. So far we have not received any written response from them," Petrov said, stressing that his party would not give up on its reform platform regardless of the two other parties.

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