Petrov, Karamarko hold another round of talks

After the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader, Tomislav Karamarko, and the Bridge party leader, Bozo Petrov, on Monday held another round of talks on the future cabinet, Petrov stated that Prime Minister-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic could start talks on candidates for future ministers whose nominations had been agreed by the two parties.

"Talks between Oreskovic and potential candidates will start as of Monday and their names will be made public once an agreement has been reached," Petrov told reporters after his meeting with Karamarko in the Hotel Sheraton in Zagreb.

According to Petrov, Karamarko and he worked out a plan for their activities in the next seven days regarding the programme principles of the future reform agreement.

Petrov said that his party was currently defining a list of priorities that would be offered to the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition.

According to his explanation, the HDZ-led coalition and the Bridge party would nominate their candidates for ministerial posts and if there was no agreement, Oreskovic could propose a third candidate.

As for the future cabinet's agenda, Petrov said that it was important for his party and its partners to select five key points that would be tackled in the next four years by each ministerial department.

Also, it is important to decide on 3-4 key items for the first six months of the government's term and "we will agree on that with the Patriotic Coalition and subsequently with Oreskovic," Petrov said.

He expected the reform agreement to be signed by the end of this week before the formation of a new government.

Currently, the Croatian government consists of 20 ministerial departments and Karamarko told reporters that the Bridge party would be entitled to six ministries, while the remainder would be allocated between HDZ and its junior partners in the Patriotic Coalition.

Karamarko reiterated that the HDZ coalition and the Bridge party had prepared possible nominations for the ministerial posts and they would be disclosed to the public before the next session of parliament.

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