Petrov expects same number of MPs, hopes for more

Bridge president Bozo Petrov said in Osijek on Tuesday he expected his party to win at least the same number of seats in September's early parliamentary election as last year and that he hoped it would win more.

Asked by the press how the party would finance the election campaign, he said with the funds envisaged in the state budget. Petrov said he was sorry that the HDZ and the SDP had not been willing over the past seven months to cut funding for political parties, adding that, unlike them, Bridge would use only those funds for its campaign and that that would be HRK 2 million.

Asked to elaborate on a part of Bridge's platform concerning the seizing of assets of persons against whom criminal proceedings have been instigated before a verdict is handed down, Petrov said "the assets won't be seized just like that" and that this step was envisaged only once it was certain that the person in question would be held to account. He said the step was aimed at putting pressure on law enforcement bodies to do a better job, given the duration of some trials and the problems in collecting evidence.

Asked if indicted persons should be on slates, Petrov said the election law should be changed because it was unacceptable for people on trial or sentenced for a crime to be publicly active, notably in politics, where they are supposed to represent citizens' interests.

Asked if it was acceptable that the State Election Commission had a member who confessed to corruption and the Constitutional Court a judge who confessed to false identification, Petrov said this should be regulated. He said Bridge had pushed from the start for political standards to be raised, so that only "persons who are clean can be active in politics, not those who have been sentenced or are known to have taken bribes," which is "absolutely unacceptable for Bridge"

Last update: Tue, 16/08/2016 - 17:20

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