Petrov: Bridge in favour of early election, hopefully in autumn

Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov said after the impeachment of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Thursday that Bridge was in favour of an early election and hoped that it would not be held before the autumn.

"I congratulate both the HDZ and the SDP because in the last six months they adopted their two most important decisions together - the appointment of Constitutional Court judges and today's decision on the Prime Minister."

He said that citizens were aware of who cooperated with whom and how. "Those who were supposed to cooperate with us in the government did not but they did cooperate with the other side, and I congratulate them on that. I guess citizens will recognise that. They did not give this government a real chance and had a hidden agenda," Petrov said after PM Oreskovic's impeachment.

He said Bridge was in favour of an early election and that it only remained to be seen when it would be held, expressing hope that it would be held in the autumn.

Asked when his party would hand in a list of its MPs' signatures supporting the parliament's dissolution, Petrov said that that would happen after an agreement was achieved on the date of the next election.
Asked if now, after its bad experience in the cooperation with the HDZ, Bridge would give the SDP a chance, Petrov said: "We won't give any chances to either because they both cheated us, (the SDP) did so during the negotiations (on government formation) and (the HDZ) has revealed what it is like at the moment."

He ruled out any possibility of a parliamentary reshuffle.

"The HDZ can talk about reshuffles and only dream about mustering the support of 76 MPs. I believe that if not yesterday, today they, too, have become aware that they do not have the support of 76 MPs. In my opinion, they have just jumped into an abyss fully aware of what they are doing but you have to ask them why they have done that." 

Asked if Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner of the HDZ could delay putting a motion on the parliament's dissolution on the parliament's agenda, Petrov said that too much stalling would not be possible.

"As far as I know, the parliament's summer recess starts on July 15 and there is not much room for stalling but that, too, will reveal how negotiations are progressing," he said. Asked if he was sorry about having formed the government with the HDZ, Petrov said that he was never sorry to gain a new experience.

"We had good faith because we wanted to change things and we really did our best to make changes, but unfortunately some other people obstructed that," he said.

Asked if Bridge would participate in the elections with Oreskovic on its slate, Petrov said that they had not discussed that yet.

He would not elaborate on what Oreskovic wanted to say when he spoke about having been exposed to pressure in his address to the parliament, saying that Oreskovic said "what he should and could have said."

Last update: Thu, 16/06/2016 - 19:04

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