Partners pull amendments to law on foreigners from fast-track procedure

The government, unions and employers agreed at Monday's Economic and Social Council (GSV) session to pull amendments to the law on foreigners from fast-track procedure in order to fine-tune and forward them into regular procedure.

We had a good discussion on the Croatian Employment Service's (HZZ) report for 2015 and the plan for this year, and the nearly HRK 1.8 million used for that purpose can be used better, GSV president and union representative Mladen Novosel said after the session.

There has been plenty of dispute in public about the training of highly skilled personnel, whose results have not been as expected, he said, adding that it was key to create quality jobs, as employment stimulation measures alone were not enough.

Novosel said the GSV also discussed the base pay in the public sector but that Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov, who heads the government's negotiating team on the matter, did not attend, without explanation. Evidently, the government is not aware of the seriousness of the problem and the possible consequences for the state budget, but the unions remain patient and wish to negotiate, he added.

Novosel said that if workers filed lawsuits over the government's failure to raise the base pay by six percent, this could cost the state budget at least HRK 2 billion.

Assistant Labour Minister Mario Bebic said they submitted the report on the HZZ's work in 2015, made proposals for a review of the active employment policy, and pointed to the fact that the labour market and the education system were not aligned.

Regarding quotas for the import of labour and preparations for the summer tourism season, we presented a model which will restrict funds for some employment measures and encourage others, hoping to embark on intensive preparations for next year's season by this summer's end so that we don't need to import labour, Bebic said.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.5)

Last update: Mon, 13/06/2016 - 16:13

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