Oreskovic calls constitution of parliament historic

Prime Minister-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic said on Monday that the inauguration of parliament was a historic event and reiterated that he was certain that within the next 30 days Croatia would get a new government.

This is a historic day, a new beginning. Over the past few days I have received e-mails and text messages of support  and when I meet with citizens I can see hope and optimism. I am here, ready to form the government as soon as possible and to get down to work, Oreskovic said after the session of parliament at which Zeljko Reiner of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) was elected as parliament speaker.

Asked when he would present members of the new government, Oreskovic said, "We have 30 days and now we will start that process. I am convinced that in those 30 days we will form and present the new government."

He underscored that it was important for members of the government to be experts who can implement vital changes. "Experts are important for me. We have a huge job ahead of us and changes that we need to implement. In the end, that will be team work and we will define what programme and changes need to be implemented and then get to it," he said, adding that names were not defined yet and the process to follow was to nominate and select the best.

Asked whether he had personally set some conditions to accept the position of PM-Designate, Oreskovic said that he was prepared to help Croatia with the experience he gained in a multi-national company.

"I have come here ready to help. I have experience in an international company, not just in Europe but in a global system which I hope will help Croatia at this moment. We have to boost the economy and I hope that I can help in that process," he said.

In response to criticisms that a country cannot be managed like a company, Oreskovic said that his first objective is to raise Croatia's credit rating. "International agencies will expect results in that regard. They have to be clearly met and, on the other hand, communicated well," he said.

Asked if this was the greatest challenge in his career, he said, "As far as challenges are concerned, when I was in Canada my first challenge was to go to Puerto Rico... It was great and a challenge too. When I came to Croatia, that was again another challenge. I am ready for challenges, that is a part of my nature and I hope that with each challenge I can find something for myself and fulfil the new office," he said.

Last update: Mon, 28/12/2015 - 15:44

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