Oreskovc says will not run in snap election

Caretaker Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic has said in an interview with the Vecernji List daily that he will not run in a snap parliamentary election due to the resistance to sound and necessary reforms, but this does not mean that he will say good bye to political activities.

I would not say that this means that I have given up on politics, this can be interpreted as "see you later!" to politics, said Oreskovic who came at the helm of the Croatian government as a non-partisan technocrat candidate at the proposal of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

He admitted that it had not been easy for him to accede to entering Croatia's political life. He added that he now felt a little disappointed at the failure to use the opportunity to change some things in Croatia.

In mid-June, the HDZ decided to oust the Oreskovic cabinet, and on that occasion HDZ deputies accused Oreskovic of a lack of cooperation with the HDZ and of failing to address vital political issues.

On the other hand, Bridge lawmakers said that the HDZ exploited Oreskovic to come to power by proposing him for premier and hoping at the same time that he and the Bridge party would not see through the HDZ's political games.

"When it turned out that this would not be as they planned, they are toppling you and this cabinet, as they want to have all the power, without any pebbles in their shoes," Bridge party club whip, Miroslav  Simic said in the parliament during a debate on the HDZ-sponsored motion for a no-vote confidence in PM Oreskovic.

Bridge was a junior partner to the HDZ-led government.

Commenting on his relations with that party, Oreskovic said that Bridge was a fair and constructive partner in the government.

"I have an excellent relationship with Bridge leader Bozo Petrov. We have a lot of common attitudes and basically we agree that it is necessary to protect national interests, Oreskovic said, adding that Bridge members were not typical politicians and offered something new.

Oreskovic realised that the changes he referred to were not simple and not to the liking of many and that he would not be able to implement them. He added that he does not have his own strong party base that would back changes and that are in opposition to personnel aspirations of certain individuals or groups which he sees today to be the most important facet on the Croatian political scene.

The Vecernji List will publish the interview in its edition on Saturday.

Last update: Fri, 15/07/2016 - 18:29

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