New protest note to Slovenia against wire fence on border

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on Tuesday forwarded a new  protest note to Slovenia's Ambassador to Croatia, in which it once again asks that Slovenia immediately remove the illegally erected razor-wire fence from Croatian state territory and facilitate free movement over the border in all places defined in the Agreement on Cross-Border Traffic and Cooperation.

"In the note the ministry regretfully recalls that Slovenia's razor-wire fence, instead of assisting Slovenia and its population as a means of protection against uncontrolled border crossings and the migrant crisis, as claimed by Slovenian officials, has been and still is a threat to the lives and safety of citizens in Slovenia, Croatia and all those who happen to be in the area and a threat to animals and their natural habitat," the Croatian ministry underscored.

The new diplomatic note requests the urgent removal of parts of the razor-wire fence from areas the Kupa river passes through due to growing water levels which have pulled the fence along, making it particularly dangerous for the lives and safety of people and animals.

The ministry notes that the first rains this year and rising rivers have demonstrated their force and have pulled the razor-wire fence into the rivers and that this could cause more problems in the foreseeable period.

The ministry underscores that the number of migrants who are being transported in an organised manner through Croatia and Slovenia en route to their desired destinations has subsided in the winter months.

This is the eighth protest note forwarded to Slovenia with regards to the razor-wire fence on the Croatian-Slovenian border.

Last update: Tue, 12/01/2016 - 15:46

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