MP Petrina: The aim of this political agenda is to destroy a third alternative

Independent MP Stipe Petrina has said that the aim of the current "politically sick situation," is to destroy any possible third political option, stressing that Bridge was not created with the intention of becoming a true third alternative but its role was to "wipe out any possible thought amongst voters" of a possible independent political scene.

"Bridge was never created with the aim of becoming a true third path. Its creators, including (Bozo) Petrov himself, never hid that fact. They were simply astounded with the number of seats won and the fact just how much the electorate wants changes in political life in Croatia. Their role was for 'voters to abhor' any thought of a possible third path and to suppress any idea of creating an independent political scene and to provide at least two or three electoral cycles of peace in the political polarisation between the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Social Democratic Party (SDP). The situation is exactly the same with the Human Shield party, which is not that evident now but will be if a snap election is called or if a reshuffle occurs," Petrina said in a press release.

He added that it was always beneficial for the two political blocs to "have an ace up their political sleeve.," someone who will leave a good impression in public and secure cosmetic changes without any real change at all. "Let's recall the Labour Party, Orah - Green Party, Independent MP Ivan Grubisic, Bridge, tomorrow it may be the Human Shield and so on. The only things that are constant unfortunately, are the HDZ and the SDP. We will see whether they've managed to succeed in that," Petrina said.

He stressed that this all goes to show that a two-party system in Croatia was planned just as a third alternative is planned, underscoring that non-partisan, independent slates do exist in Croatia at the local government level. They are "absolutely politically independent of dark power centres which, as it is clear to everyone, for the past 25 years have destroying and looting Croatia and producing third options that are aimed at just killing any will among voters." 

Petrina believes that  voters will indeed elect a third path that will truly be independent and will not be anyone's project but will truly serve Croatian citizens.

He notes that HDZ will do anything to avoid a vote of no confidence in the party's leader and First Deputy Prime Minister, Tomislav Karamarko. If that were to happen though, he believes that that will be a clear signal to the HDZ that it's time to replace their leader. That change, he added, would have consequences for the SDP "because let's not forget, this HDZ with this leader as its primary candidate in the 2015 election saved the SDP from an election debacle.

Last update: Tue, 14/06/2016 - 12:59

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