MOST party might begin talks on new govt. already on Wednesday

The Bridge party (MOST in Croatian) will hold a session of its National Council on Wednesday morning and expects that negotiations on the formation of a parliamentary majority with the two major coalitions could begin in the afternoon.

"Tomorrow we have the session at which the time to begin the talks will be defined. I believe talks with both the SDP and the HDZ will begin tomorrow," Bridge leader Bozo Petrov told Hina.

Bridge won 19 seats in Sunday's parliamentary election and without it neither the HDZ- nor the SDP-led coalition has a parliamentary majority and cannot form the new government.

Petrov said a number of times that his party's participation in the government and joining of either coalition was out of the question and that Bridge would control the government from parliament, underlining that the reforms on which Bridge insisted were key for supporting the new government.

Another Bridge leader, Drago Prgomet, a former member of the HDZ, said on Monday that Bridge would decide the new prime minister designate, who would be neither HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko nor SDP leader Zoran Milanovic.

Bridge member Stipe Petrina said today that if the party joined the HDZ-led coalition, he would leave the party and that at least five more elected Bridge members would do the same. He said it was time for a "national unity government" led by Bridge in which representatives of the two major coalitions would take part.

Petrov said today that Bridge would support neither Milanovic nor Karamarko for prime minister.

Speaking to Hina, he refuted unofficial reports from sources close to some Bridge leaders which appeared this afternoon that disagreements prevailed at the party's National Council meeting on Monday and that the party nearly fell apart.

The same sources said that Petrov, with the help of "some from the Metkovic clan who, with the help of the Church," were urging him into supporting Karamarko, pushed for supporting the right option, while Prgomet pushed for the centre-left. They also said that nearly two thirds Bridge MPs who wanted nothing to do with Karamarko were on Prgomet's side and believed that the party should participate in the executive authority. Sources close to Prgomet told Hina that this would be the only way to justify the confidence voters had given Bridge in the election.

"You are getting misinformation. There was no mention at all of the right or the left coalition at the meeting. There are no coalitions. There was no talk of who favoured whom. We don't think like that, let alone talk," Petrov told Hina.

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