Minority MPs preparing possible agreement with new gov't together

Elected representatives of ethnic minorities on Wednesday held the first meeting regarding the formation of their parliamentary club of deputies, after which they said that they were agreed that all eight minority MPs would define a single platform for talks on a possible agreement with the new government.

We have started work on a draft platform, we will continue with it tomorrow and then we will discuss the continuation of the cooperation (with the government), said Czech minority MP Vladimir Bilek.

Asked about conditions for cooperation to be set by minority MPs, Bilek said that they concerned ethnic minorities' rights and the platform.

"We must reach an agreement with the future government and it must become a part of its platform," said Bilek, confident that minority MPs will agree their joint platform in the next few days.

The minority MPs did not discuss possible cooperation with the new government, but Bilek said that it was known who the relative election winner, with whom minorities would negotiate, was.

He confirmed that contact had been established with representatives of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

"They have contacted us, as have other parties. We believe that we will reach agreement but we have to define our platform," he said.

Roma minority MP Veljko Kajtazi said that he had certain objections regarding the HDZ but that he would align his position with that of other minority deputies.

Minority MPs would not talk about details of their future platform, including the issue of whether one of their conditions would be enabling minorities to fully exercise their right to the equal use of their languages in places where they are entitled to that right.

"Let us first define the platform, after which the draft agreement and the relevant documents will be made available to you and then we will be able to say more," said Bilek.

Last update: Wed, 14/09/2016 - 17:48

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