Minister: No 'strictly confidential' document on health reform

Health Minister Dario Nakic dismissed reports about a "strictly confidential document on the health reform" that appeared in the media on Tuesday, describing them as misinformation aimed at alerting the public and stopping reforms and efforts to make order in the health system. 

The news website Index today published "strictly confidential documents on the health reform" which it claims were made by a private insurance company and which the government intends to use as a basis for the health reform.

The documents envisage maintaining the same level of patients' rights in basic health insurance, ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of the health system without funding from the state budget, upgrading medical equipment and making sure the best medical personnel stays in the country, and ensuring that the Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO) focuses solely on mandatory health insurance, while all other types of health insurance would be regulated by the market.

This would result in an increase in the prescription fee from 10 to 15 kuna and an increase in the participation fee for secondary and tertiary health care from 20% to 30%, while the market regulation of the price of supplementary health insurance would increase it to HRK 150.

Nakic said the documents did contain some of the planned reform measures, but that most of the rest of their content were "speculations and untruths."

"It is not true that the price of supplementary health insurance will increase to HRK 150 - that's a blatant untruth. Its purpose is to alarm the public," said Nakic.

"The purpose of our reforms is to make the public health system stay public. We are doing our best to prevent the privatisation of the public health system because if there is no financial stability of the system, it will collapse, and the result will be that only those with money will get treatment. All our measures are designed to stabilise the system and improve the quality of services so as to enable also the treatment of those with the lowest incomes," said the minister, noting that the government's aim was to keep the current level of health care and that the said media allegations were aimed at discouraging the government from its plan to make order in the health system.

Last update: Tue, 05/04/2016 - 15:03

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