Milanovic says tripartite alliance untenable, supports further talks with Bridge

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic has responded to proposals by the Bridge reformist party regarding the formation of a new parliament and government, reiterating that the position of the SDP-led Croatia Is Growing coalition is that a tripartite alliance with Bridge and the centre-right Patriotic Coalition, led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), is untenable at the moment.

"However, our position is that possibilities in search of new and viable solutions have not been exhausted. In accordance with the second conclusion of the SDP's Main Committee, which is supported by our coalition partners, we support further bilateral talks between the Croatia Is Growing coalition and Bridge," Milanovic said in a letter posted on the SDP's website on Monday evening.

"We expect a mutual agreement on the starting point for bilateral talks. In this regard, we wish to recall the ideas and proposals put forward at the 9 December 2015 meeting of representatives of the Croatia Is Growing coalition and Bridge, which we strongly support and which put emphasis on a partnership and the need for all partners in the legislative and executive authority to assume responsibility based on the principles of full respect and dialogue," Milanovic said. 

"I am confident that considering the present balance of political powers, the Croatia Is Growing coalition, expanded with partners who have expressed their support for the formation of a parliamentary majority and a new government, can, in cooperation with Bridge, ensure all preconditions for a politically stable Croatia, which is certainly the basic precondition for the continuation of reforms and positive economic trends," the SDP leader said in his response to the Bridge party. 

In conclusion, he said that "Croatia needs a stable government with strong support in parliament, which will be led by a person with electoral legitimacy."

Last update: Tue, 15/12/2015 - 09:46


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