Milanovic: Provincial politicians are one thing, Serb people another

Croatian Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic on Tuesday called on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to repeal Serbia's law on universal jurisdiction for war crimes so that the two countries could continue a normal discourse, underlining that one should differentiate "between provincial politics and the Serb people."

"I only have one message for him: repeal that law and we'll call it quits, we can continue a normal discourse, otherwise, there will be consequences," Milanovic said in a comment on Vucic's statement that the term "bunch of losers" which Milanovic recently used to describe the current Serbian leadership, was the gravest insult he had ever heard.

"Oh, please. Look, when you describe someone as a bunch of losers, you say that because they pretend to be important, you won't tell that to someone who does not have the mentality of a thug or attempts to act like a thug... If that is the worst possible insult, I can think of much worse insults he and his team have hurled at us," Milanovic told reporters after a meeting with former President Stjepan Mesic, who is a candidate on the slate of the SDP-led People's Coalition.

Milanovic repeated that one should make a difference between provincial politicians and the Serb people.

"Provincial politics in Belgrade is one thing and the Serb people is another, it simply cannot be compared and those who have known me for years are very well aware of that," said Milanovic, who at a recent informal meeting with Croatian war veterans called the Serbian government "a bunch of losers", repeating several times that he did not want to talk to proponents of Serbia's expansionist policy from the 1990s who are now in power, Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic.

It is time "we affirmed together Croatia as the (Croatian Serb people's) homeland, with their consent and understanding, while emissaries and hate-mongers from Belgrade should not cross the Danube and come over here."

Mesic said that he and Milanovic discussed the ongoing election campaign, explaining Milanovic's recent statement that Croatia should not leave Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Bosniaks.

"What he meant was that we will not allow the break-up of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that Croatia cannot allow (the Serb entity of) Republika Srpska to separate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, (Croatia) is a guarantor of the survival of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has signed it," said Mesic.

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