Mamic can be released on bail, must not contact Dinamo officials

The chief executive of the Dinamo Football Club, Zdravko Mamic, can be released if he pays bail of HRK 14 million, however, he will not be allowed to contact witnesses or conduct any of his duties in Dinamo, the Zagreb County Court ruled on Tuesday.

The Court overruled all of the defence's and USKOK's (Office for the Prevention of Corruption and Organised Crime) objections and upheld an earlier ruling according to which Mamic, his son Mario and two other suspects - businessmen Sandro Stipancic and Igor Kroto - may be released on bail.

Mamic has been set bail of HRK 14 million while his son Mario is required to pay HRK 5 million to be released from custody. Bail for Stipancic was set at HRK 4 million and Kroto's bail was set at HRK 2 million. The fourth suspect, Croatian Football Federation (HNS) executive director Damir Vrbanovic, was released from custody immediately after the investigation was launched.

While on bail Mamic will not be allowed to contact witnesses, including his brother, Dinamo coach Zoran Mamic.

County Court spokesman Kresimir Devcic could not say whether Mamic would pay his bail in cash or guarantee his compliance with bail conditions with real estate. An initial amount of HRK 7 million, posted as bail when the first investigation was launched against him on suspicion that money had been siphoned from the football club, will be refunded to him.

The latest investigation of the most powerful person in Croatian football is the result of months of inquiries by the Financial Ministry's tax fraud investigators, who have found that more than 10 million euros and 500,000 pounds sterling has been siphoned from Dinamo through off-shore companies since 2004. USKOK suspects that Mario Mamic, Stipancic and Kroto were in charge of those operations.

USKOK claims that the suspects made fictitious agreements and contracts between Dinamo and companies from Switzerland, Great Britain and Hong Kong on the takeover of Dinamo's fictitious debts to players and on fictitious brokering services in player transfers, which were signed on Dinamo's behalf by Zdravko Mamic and Vrbanovic.

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