Karamarko says SDP prodigal in campaign as it's spending "our money"

 Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko said on Tuesday he was not surprised by the ruling Social Democratic Party's promotional prodigality, as it was obvious that "they are spending our money on their immodest campaign", which would bring them defeat in Sunday's parliamentary election.

Commenting on a report showing that the SDP had spent more than HRK 10 million on its campaign, Karamarko said the opposition HDZ was trying to be modest and that it started showing promotional videos only yesterday because it believed that it must live and act in keeping with the circumstances.

"We can't live differently from our people. That's why I said that when I became prime minister, I would immediately cut the salaries of ministers and the people in parliament by 25 percent. Let them earn based on performance. Let the next government earn based on performance. If they increase the gross domestic product and living standards, they can have higher salaries, if not, they can start with lower ones."

Cost-cutting is the reason for the decision to abolish the former president's office, Karamarko said, adding that he had expected a former president (Stjepan Mesic) to abolish his office himself. He said this office spent up to HRK 4 million, which was enough for 500 incentives for young families and newborns.

Asked why only three women were on the HDZ slate in the 9th constituency, Karamarko said he did not know, that the principle had been for people in the field to nominate candidates, that they even intervened in some slates, but only 20%.

Commenting on Labour Minister Mirando Mrsic's (SDP) statement that the HDZ had "creative statistics from Karamarko's statistical office"on the number of the jobless and the employed, Karamarko said an aspect of the SDP-led government were "lies and debacle because they are lying about basic matters which anyone can check."

He said 16,721 jobs were lost between September 28 and October 28. "I made an effort to remember the exact number," he said, adding that the "rapidly" falling employment was not surprising, as there was no economic activity.

Last update: Tue, 03/11/2015 - 15:45

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