HDZ will comment after Conflict of Interest Commission decision

The secretary-general of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Milijan Brkic, on Monday said that he believed the Conflict of Interest Commission would bring an equitable decision in reference to First Deputy Prime Minister and HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko and that after that decision the party would make its position on the matter known.

"The Conflict of Interest Commission will make its decision and we believe that it will be the only one possible, and that is an equitable and just one. After that we will make our statement," Brkic said in Vrgorac on Monday after being asked by reporters to comment on a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov that first the HDZ should make its position clear in the case of Tomislav Karamarko's possible conflict of interest before the Commission.

Let's stop meddling in someone else's business and clean our own backyards first, and we all together have to organise the state and finally ensure jobs for the people, so they don't have to emigrate, Brkic said.

The Conflict of Interest Commission launched proceedings to determine whether Karamarko was in conflict of interest because of the business relations between his wife and his friend Josip Petrovic, who is a lobbyist for the Hungarian MOL oil company.

Last update: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 15:40

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