HDZ open for partnership with Patriotic Coalition parties and others, says Plenkovic

Andrej Plenkovic, who is set to take the helm of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), said on Monday that the party was open for talks and partnership with parties in the Patriotic Coalition and those outside the coalition too, keeping in mind compatibility of programmes and world views.

"We are open for talks and partnerships either with members of the Patriotic Coalition and some parties who were not in the coalition with the HDZ. Those decisions will be made after the (party leader) election on July 17 and we will keep in mind the compatibility of platforms and world views," Plenkovic told reporters after a meeting the party's presidency.

Declining to answer directly whether Hrast and the Party of Rights (HSP AS) had caused more damage than good to the coalition, Plenkovic said that they were all potential coalition partners and that the HDZ would examine what was successful for the Patriotic Coalition and what will be beneficial for the coming snap election. "Everyone contributed in their own way but I would like decisions to be made once I am appointed as the party's leader," he underscored. 

He believes that the future prime minister must have party and electoral legitimacy and that it was usual for the strongest party in the coalition to appoint the prime minister. He emphasised that there was no news of a possible reshuffle of the parliamentary majority before July 15, nor does he consider this to be realistic.

Asked whether the party had discussed the loans it had taken, Plenkovic said that he would be responsible for the party's business operation once he is appointed as the party's leader and that he would keep in mind that everything is in accordance with the law and that decisions are made transparently.

After the State Electoral Commission and the State Audit confirmed that HDZ's finances in that period were lawful that story was concluded for me, he said.

Plenkovic told reporters that he had discussed his election platform with the party's presidency and informed them of past and future activities regarding visits to the party's branches. He also said they had discussed preparations for the coming snap election.

Last update: Mon, 11/07/2016 - 16:50

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