HDZ official: Parliament to vote on PM's impeachment Thursday

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Presidency unanimously decided to give Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic a vote of no confidence in parliament and nominate Zdravko Maric as the HDZ's prime minister designate, Maric, the incumbent finance minister, and Domagoj Milosevic, the party's secretary-general, said on Monday.

"The HDZ is confident that in a vast majority of EU countries, it would be natural for the prime minister to resign after everyone in the government said they had no confidence in each other," Milosevic told the press after a three-hour session of the HDZ presidency. He underscored there was a parliamentary majority prepared to support the government with Maric at its helm.

Milosevic said there was a significant difference between Maric and Oreskovic- "Maric understands political context, he was a member of previous governments, he knows political players and understands political relations. Apart from that, he has indisputable professional credibility in the finance sector and the economy and experience in both public and private sectors," Milosevic said.

Maric said he told the HDZ Presidency he was honoured by the decision nominating him as prime minister designate.

I am aware of the moment we live and which our state is in, and we need political and financial stability, Maric said. It is in the interest of us all to put things in order and peace, he added.

Asked if he feared the same fate would befall him as PM Oreskovic who, just like him, is not a member of the HDZ, Maric said he did not want to speculate about fears and fate.

"I am deeply aware of the moment we are in. My contacts in the domestic economic sector and international financial circles are clearly saying that political stability is clearly important for Croatia. If I am that persons (...) and I am prepared for challenges," Maric.

Last update: Mon, 13/06/2016 - 20:15


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