HDZ to get one-third of HRK 20.4 mln for electioneering costs

As the relative winner of the September 11 early parliamentary election, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) should receive compensation totalling HRK 7.6 million or one-third of the 20.4 million the government had set aside for the electioneering costs of political parties running in the elections.

Of the 61 parliamentary seats won in Sunday's election together with its partners, the HDZ alone won 56 seats. Multiplied with HRK 135,000, which is the allocation per seat won, that number brings the party HRK 7.6 million.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), which has won 38 seats, is entitled to HRK 5.1 million. The Bridge party, which has won 13 seats, will get HRK 1.8 million and the Croatian People's Party (HNS) will receive HRK 1.2 million for its nine seats. The Human Shield and its partners have won eight seats and will get HRK 1.1 million and the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) will get HRK 675,000 for its five seats.

The Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) and the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), which have won three seats each, are expected to receive HRK 405,000 each, and the Croatian Pensioners Party (HSU) is to get HRK 270,000 for its two seats.

A number of parties, including Branimir Glavas's HDSSB and Radimir Cacic's Reformists, have won one seat each and are expected to get HRK 135,000 each.

HRK 135,000 will also be allocated to minority MPs Robert Jankovics (Hungarian minority), Furio Radin (Italian minority), Vladimir Bilek (the Czech and Slovak minorities), Veljko Kajtazi (representing five minorities) and Ermina Lekaj Prljaskaj (representing 12 minorities).

Minority representatives who were not elected but were supported by more than 15% of their electorate will receive reduced allocations amounting to HRK 20,250.

Allocations for electioneering costs related to the September 11 election are by one quarter lower than the compensation for the November 2015 elections. Each parliamentary seat won then was 'worth' HRK 180,000 or HRK 28 million in total.

The compensation is paid from the state budget within 60 days of the announcement of final election results.

Last update: Thu, 15/09/2016 - 15:07

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