HDZ: Exit polls not even close to actual results

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party said it was confident of its victory in Sunday's parliamentary election, stressing that the results of exit polls were "not even close to the actual results".

"The turnout of our voters was very good and I am confident that our final score will be much better than the exit polls. The best polls for us are what the voters say and we will see that very soon when results start coming in," the HDZ's political secretary, Tomislav Culjak, told Hina in a comment on the results of exit polls announced after the closing of polling stations at 7pm.

Exit polls showed that the HDZ and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had each won 56 seats in the 151-seat parliament. The State Electoral Commission is to announce preliminary results at 10pm.

Last update: Sun, 08/11/2015 - 19:46

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