HDSSB won't take part in reshuffle

The Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) will not participate in the reshuffling of the new parliamentary majority, the party's leader Dragan Vulin said at a press conference in the eastern city of Osijek on Sunday.

In the event of a vote of no confidence in First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, the HDSSB deputies have been instructed to vote no confidence, Vulin said.

Vulin said that the best way out of the present situation was an early election, regardless of its cost, adding that he could see no other option that would enable the government and the parliamentary majority to be more stable than now. He said that a reshuffle would be cheating the electorate.

He recalled that during the formation of the present government the HDSSB had given their confidence to Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, in good faith that he would get the country of the crisis.

"After a few months we can see that the country is in a shambles, there is total chaos, we are in the deepest political crisis since the creation of Croatia, and both the citizens and the economy are suffering. This situation is untenable and must be stopped as soon as possible," Vulin said.

He said that the HDSSB would vote against Karamarko because of his involvement in the INA-MOL affair,  "regardless of what the Conflict of Interest Commission will say. He is politically responsible."

Asked if the party would vote in favour of Prime Minister Oreskovic's impeachment, HDSSB spokesman Karlo Satvar said that the party would decide on that if the impeachment procedure was launched.

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